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Scheduling Instructions

We all live such busy, hectic lives.  And it doesn’t seem to be slowing down either.  Consequently, comparing calendars and coming up with the day and time for your appointment can be the toughest part of the process.

You can schedule an appointment by phone or by using email.

 By phone, call me at 302-239-6366 and choose option 1.  You will be directed to my scheduling answering machine. 

You can also schedule an appointment using email, just contact me at MARYLONG@DCA.NET

When you call me or send me an email, please include the following really helpful information:

 YOUR NAME – for obvious reasons

PHONE NUMBERYou will be calling me at your appointment time, but in case  I have to change your appointment for any reason, I need a number where I can reach you to leave you a message.

TIME ZONE – I am in the eastern time zone, if you’re not, I need to know.

AVAILABILITY – I like to work during the day.  At night I get bleary eyed, and I’ve still got those stalls to clean.  So...please let me know when (during the day) you can do an appointment, which days, even times of day (lunchtime, early morning, etc.)

PETS – How many pets or animals do you want to communicate with during your appointment?  This helps me know how much time to allocate.  I don’t need pictures.   If you want to include a little information about what issues you need to discuss, you can tell me that too, but it is not necessary.

HOW MUCH TIME – I will allow a half hour for your appointment.  If you only want a 15 minute appointment, or you want a whole hour,  let me know.

DEADLINES – If I know you have a deadline (moving day, vacation plans, etc.), I will do my best to accommodate that.

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