Why call a communicator?


How do I schedule?


How much does it cost?


Who is Mary Long?

Preparing For Your Appointment

I hope you picked a time for your appointment when you won't have too many distractions.  You need to be able to focus on the conversation with your pets.

You do not need to be with your pets during the appointment.  You can be at work, and the pets are at home.  You don’t need to hold the phone to a furry or feathered ear.  You just need a telephone so you and I, mere mortals that we are, can chat nicely during the appointment.

Have a pen and paper available to take notes.

Write Your Questions For Your Pets Down In Advance!!!!!

Don't forget that YOU call ME at the appointment time.

I am going to tell you everything that your pet tells me.  If they suddenly change the subject, I’m going to change with them.  This is the pets’ chance to express some thoughts too.  But we don’t want to forget what you originally wanted to talk about.  So, write it down, and we will get back to your questions.

All communication with the pets or animals will be telepathic.  They probably won’t be giving you sign language while we are on the phone.  Fluffy may even look like she is asleep.

To establish  a connection, I would like to have the pet’s name, species, breed or a description, and age. 

After the appointment, look for subtle and not so subtle signals that your pets are working with you on your requests.  There is a whole world out there to be discovered with your pets.

Don’t forget the unbelievable value of good training!  Animal communications is not a replacement for training..

After the appointment, please send cash, check or money order to:

Mary Long
Snuff Mill Enterprises, Inc.
P. O. Box 307
Yorklyn, DE  19736

For those of you who have my street address, you can still send mail to me at that address.  I did not move.  A post office box is just an easier address.

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