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Why Call An Animal Communicator?

Sometimes people call me because they are curious. Often they call because they are desperate. They have tried everything else, and now they are willing to even try actually asking the pet! That·s the good news! Frequently our pets have a lot to say!

BEHAVIOR problems are the main reason people call me. The cat is peeing on the carpet, or the dog jumps over the fence, or the horse kicks everyone.

TRAINING problems are another reason. The dog pulls too hard, the horse has difficulty picking up the left lead canter, the show dog looks at his handler too much.

EMOTIONAL issues can be worked on. The adult cats may hate the new kitten, or a dog is up for adoption because her owner died.

LOST animals are always heartbreaking, and you and I do our best to give them an idea on how to get found again.

KIND PEOPLE may just call to tell their pets when they are going to be boarded, or when a medical procedure needs to be done.

HEALTH concerns are another reason. Where does it hurt? How much pain are you in? Many people want to discuss euthanasia with their pet. I am not a veterinarian. In an appointment, we are trying to get the animal·s perspective.

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